If It’s Not Sustainable – It’s Not Scalable

The Bridge To The Future

The most valuable innovations in business are ones that put sustainability first. Activities that are not sustainable are not scalable; and activities that are not scalable are resource inefficient. This means that unsustainable business activities have adverse effects for all stakeholders: management, employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. In today’s world, we all have a responsibility to do what’s right for both our stakeholders, and our planet.

Synthetic Rubber’s Sticky Situation

Synthetic rubber’s negative environmental impact has caused most countries across the world to legislate and control its production. Globally, over 1 billion tires end up in landfills each year, and most of them are made with non-biodegradable synthetic rubber.

The production of synthetic rubber requires abrasive solvents which create 100+ pollutants that flow out of synthetic rubber smoke stacks. This also results in over 1.3 million gallons of spilled petroleum each year. With synthetic rubber, our global supply chain is locked into unsustainable and non-biodegradable polymers.

Other Plant-Based Alternatives

The plants typically used to extract Natural Rubber are Guayule and the Hevea Tree. These plants take years to grow, and have significantly lower yields than the TKS dandelion. Although these plants are a natural solution, they are not scalable for mass production.

Natural Rubber manufacturers would need hundreds of thousands of acres, and years of staggered plant cycles to effectively produce rubber from Hevea and Guayule. This renders all current solutions for Natural Rubber unsustainable and unprofitable.

The Sustainable Solution

With years of Research and Development, Kultevat has developed state-of-the-art seed genetics and processing techniques for the TKS dandelion. This plant can grow in most regions of the United States, and only takes only one year to fully mature,

The TKS dandelion is the only Natural Rubber with a fully automated harvesting processes. With double the natural rubber yield as Guayule and Hevea, the TKS dandelion is the most sustainable and scalable natural rubber solution on the market.

Kultevat Produces High Performance Natural Rubber To Last A Lifetime

Solutions at Scale

Kultevat, alongside its partners, is focused on producing the most sustainable source of Natural Rubber on earth. This means that our focus is on the highest quality genetics and processing technology to produce the best unit economics in the industry. With our patent portfolio and operating partners, Kultevat is positioned to lead Natural Rubber production and innovation for decades to come.

The Natural Rubber produced by Kultevat is proven to enhance performance and dramatically reduce environmental footprint. It is our civic duty to distribute this natural rubber to clients who want to build a sustainable product that outlasts the competition.

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