A Natural Supply of the

World’s Most Critical Resource

The Leading Source for Superior Natural Rubber

Our business is a closed loop model where we utilize proprietary plants and processes to produce the highest quality natural rubber on the market. With a plant called Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TKS, also known as the Kazakh Dandelion), Kultevat has built a sustainable and scalable North American supply chain to distribute Natural Rubber around the world.

America Imports 100% of its Natural Rubber

With no domestic source for rubber, there is uncertainty around supply and quality for companies who need natural rubber for the products they manufacture. When corporations have uncertainty around their ability to source natural rubber, they are left with three options:

  • Use a different material
  • Find another vendor
  • Bring the production in house

Today, companies across the world who source natural rubber are looking to stabilize their supply chain. Kultevat grows and processes the highest quality natural rubber in the world right here in the USA.

Overseas Influence

84% of the natural rubber is produced in Southeast Asian countries (from the Hevea Tree). The International Rubber Consortium (IRCo) controls 75%+ of the natural rubber supply, which is produced by 3 nations (Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia). Consolidation in Southeast Asia has created cartel economics, allowing IRCo to control price, supply, quality, and competition. This is bad news for American manufacturers who rely on natural rubber as a key component to the end products they produce.

We focus on getting Superior Natural Rubber into Everyday Products

Kultevat is an Innovator, Processor, and Brand of Superior Natural Rubber

The proprietary variety of TKS Dandelion used by Kultevat is a sustainable source of natural rubber that can be grown in most regions throughout the United States. TKS is the most efficient, renewable, and scalable source of natural rubber that can be grown in the world. TKS is valuable for farmers who are looking for alternative cash crops that are profitable and provide diversification. When this crop goes through an extraction process, it yields two main products.


Natural Rubber is used primarily in:

  • Tires and tubes
  • Adhesives, sealants, and stoppers
  • Gloves and other industrial uses
  • Consumer goods and clothing


Inulin is a type of dietary fiber that is used as:

  • An additive in foods
  • A fat replacement
  • A sugar alternative
  • A therapeutic drug delivery system

Kultevat is A World Leader in The Efficient Production of
Specialty Natural Rubber

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