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Superior Natural Rubber

When most people think of rubber, they think of the synthetic rubber that is in the everyday product they use. What they don’t realize is that synthetic rubber is toxic to our air, land, water, wildlife, health, and food supply.

Natural rubber is has more strength, flexibility, and wear resistance than synthetic rubber. But, since it typically only comes from two plants in southeast Asia, most countries are in short supply. Kultevat is filling the supply / demand gap for natural rubber across the world.

An Impact Across the Global Supply Chain

Industries which have traditionally relied on natural rubber imports are investing in domestic, plant-based alternatives because the rubber tree is under threat from climate change and disease. Companies are looking for renewable and biodegradable solutions that do not create more deforestation, instability, and shortages.

In 2020, production capacities in Asia have become even more unpredictable than before. This creates anxiety for the American government and large companies who are clueless about how they will source the rubber that they need.

A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Kultevat’s extensive patent portfolio gives them a leg up on the competition. Kultevat’s rubber yields are 4-5X above industry standard TKS varieties. Kultevat has a innovated a higher rubber quality by lengthening the polymers.

High quality rubber satisfies an important supply gap while adding strength, flexibility, wet grip, and wear resistance to tires. As confirmed by independent test – TKS rubber is proven to enhance performance and dramatically reduce environmental footprint compared to synthetic rubber.

The World’s Most Critical Resource

During times of war, the United States stockpiles natural rubber because it is one of the critical resources that government relies upon. Since natural rubber can withstand more extreme temperatures, it is used in applications that are foundational to the global supply chain.

DefenseThe fight to secure natural rubber has dated back multiple wars for use in tanks, aircraft carriers, and fighter jets.
TransportationCars, boats, and planes all require natural rubber in order to withstand high weights and temperatures.
MedicineHigh-quality rubber is used in drug delivery systems, vial stoppers, gloves, masks, and other types of PPE.
IndustrialTires for construction, mining, and other types of equipment rely on strength & durability to move heavy loads.

Consumer Confidence

Natural Rubber is used in everyday consumer products across the world. The secret is, strongest and longest lasting products are the ones that use more natural rubber than synthetic.


Underwear and active wear all utilize natural rubber to maintain elasticity and grip over hundreds of washes.


The tread and sole of most shoes use natural rubber. This creates long lasting support and protection.

Fitness Equipment

Yoga mats, resistance bands, and weights all utilize high-quality rubber for superior flexibility and longevity.

Natural Rubber Produced by Kultevat has the Highest Molecular Weight On the Market. This Means Consumer And Industrial Products Can Withstand More Extreme Temperatures, and Use Less Rubber to Get More Strength.