Sumitomo Rubber Begins Joint Research on Russian Dandelions as a Potential New Source of Natural Rubber

August 5, 2015

With the aim of providing more environmentally friendly and high-performance products, Sumitomo Rubber Industries has been examining the potential of Russian Dandelions as a new, alternative source of natural rubber that may one day replace the conventional source of natural rubber: Para Rubber Trees. And so, we are pleased to announce that we have recently begun joint research with Kultevat, an emerging American Biotech Company, toward finding practical applications for natural rubber derived from Russian Dandelions.

As global tire demand continues to expand, Sumitomo Rubber Industries believes that reducing the usage of fossil resources such as petroleum and coal, which make up approximately 60% of a conventional tire, and promoting the use of sustainable natural resources are extremely important goals for the tire industry. (read more)