Kultevat earns first patent for Dandelion-to-rubber Process

June 5, 2016, BioFuesl Digest

In Missouri, Kultevat has received its first process patent from the U.S. Patent Office for the production of natural rubber from Russian Dandelion. The new patent involves Dandelion processes, compositions and products are provided. One process is a method of preparing dandelion that utilizes a species of a Taraxacum genus, the process including the steps of extracting and recovering a rubber and a carbohydrate from a dandelion root substantially simultaneously. The process employs a dandelion species that is selected from the group consisting of: Taraxacum officianale, Taraxacum kok-saghyz, a rubber-bearing species of the genus Taraxacum, and a combination of two or more. “Farmers, investors and end-users like tire companies are looking to minimize risk and increase certainty as we move toward TKS commercialization,” said Kultevat CEO Daniel Swiger. (read more)