About Kultevat

"A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kultevat delivers natural, environmentally-friendly, green products with a reputation for the highest quality, value, and performance benefits.

Our integrated business model is based upon the cultivation and processing of TKS Dandelion, in which natural rubber products are brought to market, and in which TKS Dandelion becomes an important domestic source of natural rubber in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Kultevat’s business serves agricultural markets with valuable new crop systems; serves the strategic interests of industrialized nations by providing a profitable, renewable, clean, and environmentally benign source of domestic rubber.

Historically, the most successful biorefinery processes have optimized the value of every part of a crop plant, utilizing every side stream, and leaving very little to waste. This has been the case with corn milling and soybean processing operations, which collectively produce thousands of renewable food, feed, and industrial products.

As the world moves toward a future of cleaner, more renewable technologies, it is worth remembering that these well-designed biorefineries are among the most efficient, clean, and consistently profitable manufacturing operations in the world today.   

At Kultevat, our long experience in the commercial utilization of plant materials has taught us that the best biorefineries do not restrict themselves either to food or fuel: they can do both well. 

Optimizing the value of all plant-derived products and co-products is the essence of a clean, renewable, efficient manufacturing process which produces great products, great profits, and a minimum of waste. With TKS Dandelion, Kultevat will introduce a new class of alternative rubber while also building a renewable, low-impact, and clean production system for natural rubber.

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